The Need for Beautiful Toys



Anker Stone Blocks

Whenever we have our top toy lists, there is one aspect that seems to be left out of the equation: Beauty. Toys teach children many things and one of them can be, if we choose, aesthetics. With that in mind I decided to pick out some toys that I found to be particularly good looking. What do you think?

There may be more beautiful toys than those made by Anker but if there are there are not many. Can you imagine constructing a building like the above? 

Is it the below hockey table a game or an art piece. It think its both. It's just one part of the Teckell Collection of beautiful games. Not only does it have It wooden legs but a crystal playing field.

1404103059 The below pictured Russian Cathedral Building Block Set from HABA not only teaches aesthetics but a little bit of history and culture as well.



Rockin' Rabbit from Playsam can go as easily in a museum as it can in a playroom. Love the front teeth.

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  1. We absolutely agree, a beautiful toy stands the test of time. Adapting to different forms of play outlasting just one development stage. Beauty teaches us to appreciate the world around us and instils a desire to make the world a better place. Having a strong aesthetic usually also means learning restraint and care. Childhood is a process of making memories and building foundations for the people we love, so let’s make them good ones.
    For all these reasons we celebrate design at Little Citizens Boutique and feature the amazing people behind the designs in our Meet the Designer series.

  2. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” As usual, Richard, you offer some original and inspiring thoughts.
    All good wishes to you and anyone in the business who might remember me.

  3. This so true and as a toy-specialist and parent, i also find beauty is often missing. I find it more important in toys then in f.ex. clothing; however most parents spend more time and effort in selecting the most beautiful apparel then in the toys that their children will be playing with a lot. Such a lost opportunity to teach kids to enjoy beauty and also to learn them to take care of their stuff. If its rubbish, they will treat it as rubbish.
    We from BERTOY also take care to select well designed toys that parents don’t need to hide when visitors come in and that last for many years, perhaps even generations…
    So thank you for your post.

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