The Women In “Women In Toys”

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There is no "Women In Toys" organization without the women who lead it and compose its ranks. I have been an admirer for many years but it is my belief that, over the last few years, WIT has turned into what is probably the most dynamic, the most charismatic and the most visionary, independent entity that the toy industry has going.

What other toy organization would not only have the chutzpah but the means to mark the beginning of Toy Fair by ringing the opening bell on Wall Street! What other toy organization would manage to attract as many men and women and to open as many chapters in as short a time in so many parts of the world! What other organization would manage to remain so charming while accomplishing all of these outsized tasks!

So here is my question: Despite their highly notable and extremely noticeable accomplishments as an organization, how many of these women are leading companies? Not so many. There is a pool of C-level executive talent right before the industry's eyes. Our smartest companies will take a hard look at this incredible pool of highly accomplished women the next time they look for new leadership.

Women In Toys, you are great for women and even greater for the toy industry, men and women. Its your turn to lead.

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  1. Thank you, Richard for a great article recognizing the value of WIT (Women in Toys). I agree the industry needs more female leadership at the helm of toy companies. As a WIT board member, I am proud to be part of an organization that seeks to offer its members support, connections and opportunities to advance their careers in our industry.

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