Working the Hong Kong Toy Show

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Those who have never been to Hong Kong in January may not be aware that there are really two different toy events that take place there.  One is the Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair which is this year taking place from January 8-11 at the Hong Kong Convention Centre. As you can well imagine, many of the exhibitors are from Hong Kong and China but there are plenty from elsewhere in the world. In fact, last year's show featured exhibitors from 42 and attendees from 126 countries.  

The other is a sort of unorganized show that takes place in the Tsim Sha Tsui East area of Kowloon.  Kowloon is across Victoria Harbor from Hong Kong island and the convention centre. The activity in Tsim Sha Tsui consists of manufacturers (primarily American, British, Canadian and Australian) showing in showrooms and hotel suites ranging across a number of office complexes and hotels.  The action on the Tsim Sha Tsui East area lasts roughly from January 2nd through the 16th.

Both sides have something valuable to provide. Tsim Sha Tsui is a great place to be if you are focused on buying and selling in large quantities with companies with whom you are already doing business. The Hong Kong Convention Centre is where you want to be if your interest lies in expanding your portfolio of customers or suppliers. 

I strongly suggest that you work both sides of the harbor. Its just a short ferry (one of the world's great experiences) or subway ride. Venture out and you will more than likely learn something new, create a new relationship and / or generate additional business. 

See you in Hong Kong. 

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