Early 20th Century British Board Games

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In doing some research I came upon a trove of British board games from the early part of the 20th century. They were published by the Glevum company and I was so taken by the box graphics that I wanted to share them with you. 

The company was founded John Owen Roberts in 1894. Glevum stayed in business until the late 1950's. During that time they created a wide range of games and toys.

The above "Flying Squad" game by has, what has to be, one of the greatest looking box covers of all time. The sense of speed that is depicted makes the motorcycle look like it is driving right off the box.  Based upon the look of the motorcycle I am going to guess that it dates to the 1930's. 


That "Flying Squad" game must have flown off the shelves because Glevum introduced the above boat racing game around the same time as Flying Squad. Again, there is a great use of color and a sense of palpable speed.


The above "Railway Race" game  appears to date to the late 1920's. It is not as active as the box covers for the racing games but I love the colors, the plumes of steam and the design of the trains. Maybe its "Thomas The Tank Engines" Great Grandfather.


Above is another game from Glevum. It appears to be from the 1920's and has a really funny use of word play in the name. The characters on the front of the box are all adults and appear to be playing a practical joke of some kind. Oddly, the game included not such activity but involved attempting to transfer beads without dropping them. 


The above Jay Walking game was released in the 1930's. It appears that you wore scoops on your feet with which you picked up balls and placed them in the box. I love the character's poses and the bright colors.

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