10 Most Read Stories of 2017

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We are coming to the end of 2017. Here is a list, in order of popularity, of the 10 most read Global Toy News stories  of 2017. It is interesting to look back and see what spoke the most to what was on people's minds.

1.    A Hasbro Mattel Merger; who will feel the impact?

The thought of a merger between the industry's two biggest companies certainly demands attention. That is why this story was the most read in 2017.

2.    Loren Taylor; a true gentleman passes away

This was the saddest story of the year. The fact that it is our second most read story says a great deal about Loren and the people of the toy industry.

3.    Is the Toys "R" Us Bankruptcy the Worst Moment in Toy Industry History?

The Toys "R" Us bankruptcy was an event has, is and will continue to disrupt the industry. Is it the worst moment? I gave my thoughts on that.

4.    Toys R Us; a shadow over Dallas

The bankruptcy was announced shortly before Dallas. This article spoke about the impact it was going to have on those going to Dallas for the Fall Toy Preview.

5.    Thinking About Mattel

Its been a tough year for Mattel. I shared my thoughts.

6.    Toys "R" Us: Update

The Toys "R" Us bankruptcy may not have been the number 1 story but it did generate 3 of the ten most read stories of the year.

7.    An Interview with Judd Zebersky; CEO of Jazwares

Jazwares is a company on the rise and Judd Zebersky is a charismatic leader. Readers wanted to know what he had to say.

8.    Toy Trends in China; insights about China from China

A Chinese toy industry reporter gave us an inside look at the Chinese domestic market.

9.    A Mattel Hasbro Combination; a challenging puzzle

Will a Mattel + Mattel = Success? I share my thoughts.

10.    The Implosion of Bricks and Mortar Retail

Its been a very rough year for bricks and mortar retailers with bankruptcies and store closings. This article speaks to what is happening.

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