Selchow and Righter; Toy Companies That No Longer Exist

Mr. Ree was sort of a mystery novel in a game format

Selchow-and-righter-logo-cSome of you may have been around long enough to remember Selchow and Righter, at one time one of our longer lived game companies. Located in Bay Shore, New York, the company dated back to 1867 when it was called Chaffee and Selchow, the company went on to publish notable games like Scrabble (1954), Trivial Pursuit (1982) and Parcheesi (1867).  The company was purchased by Coleco in 1986 which was in turn acquired out of bankruptcy by Hasbro in 1989.

Enjoy these images of some of their games:

Parcheesi from Selchow & Righter 1898 Edition

1954 Edition of Selchow & Righter Scrabble

Circa 1920 Edition of Planchette (a version of a Ouji Board)How-spirit-writing-with-planchette-can-be-manipulated-even-when-blindfolded1889 Ad for Planchette in Scribners Magazine

1882 Edition of Geographo

1890 Edition of Fascination

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  1. Board Game Enthusiasts:
    Does anyone know the whereabouts of an intact example of the board game, “Stepping Stones: A Game of Life” (a.k.a “Stepping Stones of Life”), published by Selchow and Righter in 1920? An image of the cover of this game is posted on the website “BoardGameGeek” but with no information where a copy of this game exists today. I am eager to find an example in a public or private collection for possible inclusion in a forthcoming museum exhibition that will explore the ideas of “adolescent hope and success” in American visual culture; themes that are effectively embodied in the cover of S&R’s “Stepping Stones of Life.”
    Paul D. Schweizer, Ph.D.
    Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute

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