Vintage Toy Steam Engines; An Appreciation

Breaktime-header Vertical_toy_steam_engine _Sears _Roebuck_and_Co._1912

1912 Sears Ad for a Toy Steam Engine (.95 is $24 in 2017 money)

There is something beautiful about the mechanical. That is why I love these antique toy steam engines. 

They were first produced in the late 19th century and hit their peak in the mid 20th century. They worked like a real steam engine just without the pressure levels. Here are some of the ones I like.

Fc0a8cf43ada707c802c00666feb0ecdMarklin Toy Steam Engine 1909

47419b20ae0977827e04cb3c96815d01Meccano Steam Engine circa 1920's / 30's

  8a3b7d08cfd9f2c3efe8e3651f1ca6f4Marklin Toy Steam Engine 1904 (I love that brick chimney)


10168508_1_lSteam Engine, circa 1900

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