Brands and Trust; A Value(s) Proposition

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Those of us who work in consumer products are used to thinking in terms of the value proposition; the features of a product that differentiate it from other products in terms of its worth to the end user. But what about a values proposition? That was went through my mind when I reviewed some interesting data from The Values Institute's survey of "America's Most Trustworthy Brands".

They wanted to find out which brands Americans valued most. They asked consumers to grade brands as to: Competence, Consistency, Connection, Candor and Concern. They then presented the findings in terms of category and company.

The categories were, in order of ranking:

  • Hotels 
  • Electronics
  • QSR (Quick Serve Restaurants)
  • Retail
  • Airlines
  • Auto Insurance
  • Mobile Services

At least retail came out ahead of some of the airlines (which drag people off of planes) and Mobile Services which make people endlessly crazy with contracts and extra charges. 

We in the toy and play industry are most interested in retail and here are the top ranked in that category:

  • Amazon
  • Costco
  • Target 
  • Macy's
  • Walmart
  • Sears

Amazon not only came in first among retailers but was actually the number one brand in all five categories studied:

Competence –  Those surveyed loved the ease in ordering and the speed in receiving products.

Consistency – Not only do they ship fast but they do so consistently.

Concern, Candor and Connection – Amazon users highly value the reviews, the ratings and the recommendations. It gives them a personal connection. 

All of us are ultimately in the brand business, whether it is our company or our personal brand. it would seem wise for us to do a review of the Values Proposition we provide and see how we measure up.

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