U.K. Issues Toy Commemorative Stamps; A Different Nostalgia

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The Royal Mail in the UK has issued stamps commemorating toys from the last 100 years. I think it is a great idea and truly a testimony to the British toy industry. All were produced by UK companies. If you want to order a set, you can do so by clicking here.

What I got a kick out of was seeing the differences in memorable toys in the UK as opposed to the US. It would be fun to see a comparable list of popular toys over the last 100 years by country (France, Germany, Russia, etc.).

There are 10 stamps in all. Here are images:

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  1. Richard, thanks for the article, and yes, this is a great thing for toys, and fun to note that although some are different, some are also very popular here in USA- Spirograph has been a best selling toy here in USA since 1965, and was ASTRA Toy of Year in 2013.

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