Toys and Games at the Tennis Hall of Fame

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I had the pleasure of traveling to Newport, Rhode Island in order to visit the International Tennis Hall of Fame. I was there to witness the induction of the 2017 class so I took time to visit the museum.  Tennis is, of course, ultimately what we in the business of play would call an outdoor game. Therefore, not so much to my surprise as to my delight were displayed games and toys that , as the marquee states: Provided games and toys to "tennis fans who wanted to experience the game off the court".

I found some of the adjacencies to be a bit dizzying (A modern Mickey Mouse toy next to a cigarette cover album from 1935) but still well meant. Below are some of the pictures I took. 

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  1. As an avid tennis player, I love seeing all of these games especially the Mickey and Minnie Mouse game. Tbank you for sharing Richard.

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