Toy Printing Sets; An Appreciation

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One of my fond memories as a child was of playing with my print set. It came with both letters and pictures which were accompanied by a red or black ink pad. The smell of the ink, the stains on my fingers and the pleasure of looking at a page I had created has some powerful memory staying power. 

 The above image looks to me like it may come from the late 1930's. The airship, the streamlining of the train and the prowler look of the car hearkens to the time of the 1939 New York World's Fair.


I really love the box on the above "Favorite Funnies Printing Set". Made by StamperKraft, it was manufactured in 1935. It has a great use of color and features Dick Tracy, Little Orphan Annie and her dog Sandy.


The above John Bull Printing Outfit was made in the UK in the 1950's 


The "Printing Outfit" (see above) was made in the USA by the Fulton Specialty Company. It looks to date back to early 20th century.

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