Weird Vintage Arcade Games



Mickey Finn Tug of War Game, Calle Brothers, 1906

What a weird looking game. Apparently, you pulled the rope to see how strong you were.The face has a bit of a Alfred E. Neuman look to it, don't you think?

43117805_1_xElectric Shock Game, Imperial Electric Company, 1901

For only 1 penny you could shock your friends.  The first electric power plant in Manhattan was opened only 13 years before so electricity electricity was quite a novelty at the time. People were fascinated by both its power and potential danger.

Submarine Lung Tester Game, Mills, 1910


The above game cost one penny to play and involved your blowing into a hose. If you blew hard enough you could cause each of the divers, one at a time, to rise to the surface. Some probably saw it as an enjoyable pass time and others just passed out.

 The "Poison This Rat" game, manufactured in 1940 by the Groetchen Tool & Manufacturing Company, invited you to shoot a poison pill at Hitler's mouth. That piece in the middle was a rubber plunger which you pushed or poked as a means of launching the pill. Pretty dark concept but those were pretty dark times.


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