A.R. Companies Have Received $12.1 Billion in Funding; Spin Master is a Star

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I came across some interesting information about the Augmented Reality industry in an article published on "Next Reality". The article by Tommy Palladino entitled, "This One Chart Lays Out All the AR Companies You NEED to Know About", provides valuable information on how much money is flowing to the AR industry and where it is going. (For a better view of the above chart, click here).

The chart was prepared by Super Ventures, an incubator that focuses on Augmented Reality. According to their calculations, there are 312 Augmented Reality hardware and software companies, "representing $12.1 billion in funding and $69.6 billion valuation."

It is interesting and a little surprising to see what toy companies made the list. In the above chart (top left) under "Gaming and Toys" we see Spin Master, The Walt Disney Company and Sphero. An email I received accompanying the chart listed the augmented reality Unicorns (companies that are valued at more than $1 Billion in the technology or software sector).  Interestingly, Spin Master was listed along with some hot companies like Magic Leap, Oculus and Garmin International.

Keep an eye on Spin Master. There may be more going on there than we know.

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