Target To Try Out an Express Entrance

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I don't know about you but I get fidgety when I am standing in the line at the bank, waiting to do one simple deposit and having to wait while someone in front of me spends fifteen or twenty minutes doing multiple transactions. The person in front of me knows they are there for a while; I, however, am there to get in and out as quickly as possible. "How come", I wonder, "there isn't an express line for single transactions?" I also feel the same way at a coffee shop when I am only ordering a simple black coffee or at an event when I just want a beer. 

Apparently, Target senses my pain as they are introducing the concept of an "express entrance" at their new "Next-Generation" store in Richmond, Texas (Richmond is southwest of Houston). The new store will have a number of new features including, according to CEO, Brian Cornell, "lots of flexibility, open sight lines and discovery moments throughout the store.” 

What I liked about the notion of an express entrance is that it is a recognition that the experience needs to be easier and faster (just like the internet) for those who do want to visit a bricks and mortar store.  Here is how Target's "A Bullseye View" describes the entrances: "From the moment guests arrive, they’ll have options for starting their shopping experience—literally. The store has two entrances—one that inspires with displays of our exclusive brands, seasonal moments and more. And the second’s all about ease, with quick Order Pickup, grab-and-go food and a wine and beer shop."

This means that those visiting the store will have to interact with Target even before they enter. Its no small thing to have to consider or reconsider your intent in entering the store. The consumer may have wanted to make a quick purchase but having to make a choice may cause them to take the main entrance and stay a while. On the other hand, the reverse may happen.

Will it make a difference? I hope so. I hate waiting in line.

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