Creative Factor 2017; An Interview With The Man Behind It All



6a0133ec87bd6d970b01b7c7402a0c970b-800wiBrett Klisch, the inspiration behind and the host of the Creative Factor at Toy Fair is excited about putting on his 13th event.  An inventor and designer himself, here is what had to say about this year's Creative Factor. 

Richard:  For those who have not attended Creative Factor, can you explain what it is and why they should attend?
Brett: The Creative Factor is by The Creative Entrepreneurs of the Toy Industry for the Creative Entrepreneurs of the Toy industry. In the beginning, it was aimed at designers and artists. Times have changed, however, and with the advent of crowdfunding and social media, creatives are now able to launch their own business. Accordingly,  we have expanded the curriculum to include business and legal along side our technical and creative classes.
Richard: Who should attend the Creative Factor?

Brett: The event is geared so that people from all areas of the Toy Industry can learn something new as well as meet and hear great experienced people.  Newbies to the business will benefit from the experience and knowledge our speakers have accrued as well as make many connections with industry experts.

Toy Fair Veterans can learn about the newest social media influencers and hear directly from the patent and Trademark office speakers about the newest in digital trademark and patent changes. We have classes on the latest technology in engineering and 3D printing that designers from any stage of their career can learn the newest innovations in the technology.
New companies and old can see how a variety of companies have leveraged Crowd Funding with Kickstarter to market their companies and raise millions of dollars for projects that range from a single product to a whole company launch.
Richard: How many years have you been doing the Creative Factor and what changes have you made for this year?

Brett: This is the 13th year of the Creative Factor at the International Toy Fair. The Creative Factor started simply with only sculpting demonstrations that educated people on how to prototype toys. We evolved into the digital world with 3D modeling and 3D printing and then realized that designers would like info on other areas such as legal and business classes.

In 2017 the biggest innovations are coming in through the internet. Social media and influencers are replacing traditional marketing and advertising in many areas so we are working with Revfluence to show the audience how this very public but very secretive world actually works. And Crowdfunding has brought many companies into being that would not have existed without it. We have the biggest and best company in that arena "Kickstarter' hosting a panel with some of their brightest of 2016.

Richard: Who are some of this year's speakers and what will they be talking about?

  • This year we welcome back on of our long time Experts Richard Gottlieb from Global Toy Executives. he will be talking on the"Future of Play".
  • We will have Charles Berzon of Pro Source Global will be talking on how to safely source your product abroad and how to navigate the world of international manufacturing.
  •  Do not miss Warren Tuttle and Matt Nuccio of the United Inventors Association of America give an in depth presentation on how to take your intellectual property and license it to a bigger toy company.
  • We will have Jens De Pedro the founding art director of Toca Boca discuss how play designers can incorporate traditional play patterns into a digital realm in App design.
  • Eric Bleich of Greenberg Traurig LLP will discuss how to formulate and implement a patent strategy for toy inventors and innovators, including patent searching,and applying for a patent.
Richard: What are the hours and location? Also, how can readers learn more?

Brett: The Creative Factor will take place at booth 5378 at the rear of hall 1C at the Jacob Javitz Center during the international Toy Fair. The show lasts from from February 18th – 20th, 2017. You can download the speaker information and schedule from

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