Dinky Toys; Early Die Cast Cars with Style

Breaktime-header DinkAuto Union Racing Car , Dinky Toys,  1938

Is it "diecast", "die-cast" or "die cast"? Well, confusingly, its all three. Thus is the nature of a toy that has so many creators and so many scales. Tootsie Toys in the US, Solido in France and Dinky Toys in the UK were all early purveyors.

One company that I think offered a real sense of style was Dinky Toys, a division of Meccano, the maker of metal, girder construction sets. The Dinky nameplate was a-fixed in 1934, first under the name Meccano Dinky Toys and then just Dinky Toys in 1935. 

I love the above Auto Union Racing Car because of its great streamlining and what appear to be rubber tires.

  Die-Cast-Dinky-ToysDinky Toy Catalog Pages, circa 1930's / 40's

 I found the above catalog sheet to be fun to study as it reflects so many styles, complete with pricing.


Alfa Romeo Tip, Dinky Toys, circa 1950

The Alfa Romeo, shown above, still bears a striking red finish. We can imagine how bright it was when it was new.  Wouldn't you love to have that on your desk?

And if you always wanted a Jaguar, the below scale model would have to do. Love the yellow.


Jaquar XK120 Coupe, Dinky Toys, circa 1950

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