Remember That Toy You Didn’t Get? What Did It Really Cost?



$9.94 Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle – 1976

Do you remember that toy you didn't get because it cost too much? I sure can. It was an Electric Football game. "It's only $6.00" I pleaded. My Mother emphatically told me "No", that $6.00 was a lot of money. I ultimately got my Electric Football game but was $6.00 really a lot of money or was my mother just blowing smoke?

Well, I plugged $6.00 into an inflation calculator and found out that $6.00 in today's money is roughly $50.00. M-m-m-m-m-m, okay Mom and Dad, $6.00 in retrospect does seem a bit high for a middle class family of the time. You're forgiven…kind of.

But what about you. What did that toy you didn't get cost in today's money? Best Buy has wondered about that as well and does us the favor of calculating what those toys we wanted would be valued at in today's money? Here are some of the examples of  what they found:

1967: $6.95
2016: $49.79

Easy Bake Oven
1969: $18.99
2016: $123.80

Baby Alive
1973: $10.88
2016: $58.63

Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle
1976: $9.94
2016: $41.80

1979: $200.00
2016: $659.12

1983: $199.99
2016: $480.42

Teddy Ruxpin
1985: $64.99
2016: $144.51

Nintendo Game Boy
1990: $89.99
2016: $164.74


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