Carnival Punks; Artfully Macabre


When I was a kid I would (if I was good) get to go to the amusement park. Amusement parks like County Fairs tended to have carnival attractions. For anyone who has ever been to a carnival or an old fashioned amusement park as a kid, the sounds, sights and smells stay with you. 

My local amusement was on the ocean so these images of Carnival punks, weird dolls that you knocked down with a ball to win a prize, conjure up the smell of popcorn and the ocean; the taste of cotton candy; creepy looking carny operators and a feeling of ecstatic excitement. 

What makes them interesting to me is that they are a form of outsider art and are therefore very collectible. They are at the same time macabre and kind of beautiful, each in its own way. 



The poor cat, pictured above, is missing his fuzzy side hair but he still has his glasses. He looks very intelligent. I am not sure if he is named Mike or created by Mike.

Carnival-Punk-Baseball-Heads (1)The above Baseball Carnival punks date to the 1930's. I haven't seen anything else like them.

3633742_sThe above punks date back to the 19th century.



I don't know who created this thing but I am glad I never met him — Very creepy.

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