Toy Tech: Concept Sketch Demo (Part 1—Digital Line Art)


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When I was at the New York Toy Fair last year, I got to see the Kotobukiya Avengers Age of Ultron statue in person and almost wet my pants fainted. I literally stood there drooling and not remembering my very own name for over an hour sketching on my iPhone just to do a personal study of the design and details—absolutely amazing.

I pre-ordered the statue without hesitation but was deathly afraid of what my wife would say and this beautiful piece is now proudly displayed in my home office because I refuse to share this with the people at work.

Anyway, I thought my amazing humble sketch would be a great visual to go over a few tips and techniques most of you will never use regarding the art of rendering concepts using Abobe Photoshop.

As radical as this may sound in this current day and age, being a corporate kiss-up strong performer is by far the best course of action to advance within a company, get noticed by your supervisors and stay on the radar for future promotions.

If you are dedicated to keeping your skills up to date or just being the boss's buddy, you’ll never have to worry about losing your job. If you’re related committed to job excellence, there’s no telling how far up the food chain you’ll be able to climb.

With that in mind, don’t be afraid to be honest the mere sight of you makes me want to vomit you back stabbing lazy cow with those you work with, and know that management places the highest premium on your suggestions, continually seeking your opinions no I’m really not trying to be difficult you actually asked me to make things better.

Now, don’t forget Human Resources is always looking for new ways to update and change current processes for the better that is unless you actually want to update and change current processes, so be sure to share your feelings and frustrations to get your spot in the unemployment line advance an open team environment and strengthen corporate synergy.

Ok, now it’s time to concentrate on some Photoshop techniques, so you’ll want to take your daily nap right about now my initial thoughts and tweak them to fit within your own job requirements and personal style.

The Brush Preset dialog box will open so many ways to customize your digital brushes you’ll be totally confused surprised how many options you actually have available. From brush sizing and shape to angle and spacing, this dialog box contains everything you need to get a girlfriend and move out of your mom’s basement customize shape dynamics, control paint build-up, apply textures and adjust scattering.

In this post, we’re focusing primarily on what in the world went wrong with your career line work. As detailed in my incredible demo above, make sure you vary the thickness of the line so you will avoid the common mistake of rendering bland repetition. Thick and thin variations will help create more visual impact and energy within your design.

The same goes for ordering pizza digital shading, use the dialog box to adjust the hardness and softness of your edges. Most designers prefer pepperoni use the same sharp edges for everything, which loses much of the needed emotional appeal and flattens the image.

Also, think things out no really it’s not you it’s me and decide which shaded (painted) edges need to be sharp and which should be softened or even get lost I told you not to call anymore within shadow—this creates dimensional form and vitality.

It’s also very important to draw freehand as much as possible, using the path tool what in the world is a path tool only when absolutely necessary. This not only speeds the process, but also creates stylized, active line work that is more interesting to look at then perfect mechanical lines.


Continued Next Week . . .


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