New Low Price Chain Coming; Get Ready

This headline from Business Insider says all you need to know: "A German grocery chain that crippled its rivals in the UK is about to invade the US". The chain is Lidl (rhymes with needle) and according to the article, the "invasion" will initially take place on the east coast with the company planning to open 150 stores by 2018.

The retailer, which carries consumer products as well as food, is described as being similar to Aldi in its lowest price, limited product mix, no frills approach. Its stores are, however, roughly double the size. Whatever they are doing seems to work with double digit sales increases, mostly at the expense of their competition.

If you want to contact them, their US headquarters address is:

Lidl, US
3500 S Clark St
Arlington, VA 22202

Which retailers should take note?  Well supermarket chains like Kroger and Publix will definitely be in the crosshairs. Low price food retailers like Save-a-Lot will be as well. And don't forget Dollar General and Family Dollar; Lidl will be targeting them too.

Is Lidl coming to your town?  Here is a list of cities that the 10,000 store European chain has targeted:

  • Richmond, Virginia
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Greenville, South Carolina
  • Augusta, Georgia
  • Burlington County, New Jersey

If you have done business with Lidl, let us know your experiences in working with the chain.

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  1. Richard – just got back from Lithuania – for a small country like that – Lidl is all over there – were not there 2 years ago –

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