Victorian Children at Play

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So many of the pictures we see of Victorian children show them in static positions. I wanted to find some images that showed them active. I therefore like the above picture mostly because I love the smile on the face of the little girl on the right. She is having a wonderful time and is looking right at us. I also like the feeling of motion, the fancy hats and dresses and the legs caught in a moment of movement. 


What I like about the above image is the carefully constructed marble ring. The boys are ready for action. The boy in the back is holding his shooter just as I (and a million other children since) have. It's a game waiting to happen.

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I really like the activity of the playground and the conspicuous defiance of the girl in the front, staring down the person behind the camera and ultimately us. 

80a8ccbec57884a485246254f5e9be7bYes, its a little staged but the girl on the right is loving her doll and that great doll house. Note the stool so they can climb up to the table.

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