Thank You Readers: Our Millionth Page View


Globaltoy-1million-s200pWe have just reached a milestone at Global Toy News. More than 430,000 readers visited us 1,000,000 times. I can still remember writing my first posting. I would have been amazed and certainly delighted had I known that we would attract 1,000,000 page views in our first six years of publishing (it took McDonald's eight years to sell their one millionth hamburger).

I want to thank all of who read and subscribe to our magazine. And let me particularly thank those who make a point of telling me that they read and enjoy what we write. It means a great deal.

What has been fascinating is discovering the number of countries that care about toys and finding out what interests you. I never cease to be surprised by what seems to grasp the global imagination.

I have learned a lot about you so here is what I have discovered:

  • You are leaders, creators and thinkers.
  • You care about ideas, culture, history, society and how the world and our business is changing.
  • You are interested and you are interesting.
  • And where do you live?You come from 213 countries.
  • We can't list them all here but here are our Top 10 countries for readership:

United States

United Kingdom


Hong Kong







Thank you, everyone, for your support. We literally could not have done it without you.

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