The Hottest Toy Brands; Lots of Surprises and My Comments


The Brandirectory* 2016 published by Brand Finance has been released. It contains a list of the top 25 toy brands in order of value. Below are the top 10.

  1. Lego - $4,520,000000 
  2. Fisher-Price – $886,000,000                 
  3. Barbie – $571,000,000
  4. Yo-Kai Watch $330,000,000
  5. Mobile Suit Gundam –  $241,000,000
  6. Nerf  - $231,000,000 
  7. Mattel – $229,000,000
  8. Hasbro –  $208,000,000
  9. Playskool – $191,000,000
  10. Power Rangers – $186,000,000

Here are my thoughts:

  • I was, to say the least, astounded that Lego's brand value is greater than the rest of the top 10 combined. And don't forget, that list contains Barbie, Hasbro and Mattel.
  • We tend to think of the US as the progenitor of popular culture. A look at this list demands a different perspective. 40% of the top 10 are from countries other than the United States. Lego is from Denmark; Yo-Kai Watch, Power Rangers and Mobile Suit Gundam are from Japan, 
  • Yo-Kai Watch is bigger than Mattel and Hasbro? Yes it is…yes it is.  What is Yo-Kat Watch? It is group of role playing games. The creator, Level 5, launched the games in Japan in 2013. They brought it to the US and Canada in 2015. The lesson here is that you may think you are in the toy business but keep your eye on digital. 

  • The brand value of My Little Pony is up by 40%. The brand is being amplified on Treehouse, Netflix, Discovery Channel and Shout! Factory Kids. It certainly speaks well for Hasbro's multi-platform strategy.
  • The Barbie brand was up 20% over the last year. Conclusion: The Barbie ship appears to be righted.

Thank you Brand Finance for your data. A lot to digest.

*Brandirectory bases its methodology as follows: "Brand Finance calculates brand value using the Royalty Relief methodology which determines the value a company would be willing to pay to license its brand as if it did not own it." Read the Methodolgy page for a full description.

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