Why Virtual Reality’s Time Is Now; Part 2

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Steve Velte is an Electrical Engineer by Degree and current president of Global Toy Experts a leading consulting firm in the Toy industry. www.globaltoyexperts.com

In my last posting, "Why Virtual Reality’s Time is Now; Part 1", I wrote about the excitement pouring out of and the investment pouring into Virtual Reality. In this article, I want to tell you about where you are going to be able to experience the results of years of innovation in VR.

  • In the burn unit. Yes that’s right University of Washington and the U. W. Harborview Burn Center have created a game where burn victims engage in Virtual Reality snowball fights with polar bears that have been shown to take burn victims minds off of rigors and painful treatments they undergo. And it works…to the tune of an 86% success rate! For more about this study: https://www.hitl.washington.edu/projects/vrpain/
  • A VR theme park. Coming soon, hopefully, to a place near you. One such park under development is “The VOID. At thevoid.com this endeavor is described as “Utilizing a layering of real-time interactive environments, and blending the real world with the digital, our participants are placed into our Hyper-Reality experiences. From textures and temperatures to moisture and motion, our environments respond to your movements and choices and evolve naturally as you interact with them.” Blending the real world with the VR world in a mind blowing way. I’m in.

  • VR updates to legendary products and games. I can’t wait for VR “Clue” where not only do you meet Colonel Mustard you look for clues in the Library, the Kitchen or the Conservatory. Eventually you’ll be able to pick up the candlestick and maybe even dust for fingerprints. As Will Smith, CEO of FOO VR said, “People love exploring VR environments, picking up and inspecting props and performing event the simplest of physical tasks. “ The opportunity here is limited only by your imagination.
  • Virtual Reality Television. At the basic level, VR tricks our brains because we are interacting “naturally” with computers in a 3D environment which we are accustomed to. Go here for a glance at “The Foo Show”: http://kotaku.com/the-first-vr-talk-show-is-awkward-and-amazing-1768975530
  • Virtual Reality Travel and Advertising. According to Digital Trends “Virtual reality is expected to transform several industries, including travel and hospitality. What started as nascent technology is poised to become, in business, a tool for promotions and advertising. For consumers, it’s a new way to plan: Imagine walking through a hotel room before you book, or exploring a location’s sights and sounds as you narrow down a shortlist of vacation destinations, all from inside your home.”

So hang on for the Virtual Reality explosion and give some thought how to transform your toys, games and experiences using what is sure to become one of what I believe is the most interesting trends of our lifetimes.

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