A Game of Solitaire; As Depicted in Fine Art



Meredith Frampton, A Game of Patience, 1937

Patience, called Solitaire in the US and Canada, was, if you think about it, the "Candy Crush" or "Tetris" of its time. A way to pass time by oneself while waiting for something else to happen. Perhaps it lends itself to depictions in fine art because it captures people in languid yet self-absorbed moments.

I found these to be fascinating depictions of a moment in time. Interestingly, the picture of Lili Elbe, , (see page 2) depicts the man who became the subject of the first attempted sex change operation, Einar Wegener. We learned about her in movie of "The Danish Girl." The portrait was painted by his then wife, Gerda.


Patience, Leonard Campbell Taylor, 1906


359c374c9748e336afb30693c4743352'Lili Elbe' by Gerda Wegener (The Danish Girl)








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