The Ice Cream Museum Comes to Manhattan; But Only Briefly

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The Museum of Ice Cream arrived in New York this week but will only stay until the end of August. Ice Cream vs. summertime is a battle between getting your licks in before the ice cream melts. It is therefore only appropriate that the museum is only here for a short time.

I did not, however, nor will you get to experience it. Why, because all 30,000 tickets sold out in five days.

Still, I feel compelled to write about it because, I like you, have loved ice cream since I was a very little guy. I can still remember my father going into the drugstore ice cream counter to get us cones. He got vanilla, my Mom got strawberry and I got chocolate. Its an indelible memory.

Ice cream is about family and fun as much as it is about taste. A New York Times description, "The Museum of Ice Cream Is Sold Out. Here’s What You’re Missing," makes it sound like the museum is more about play than eating.

It describes a swimming pool that is filled with rainbow colored sprinkles. You get to jump in and wallow in them much as you do in a ball pit. The article's author, Katie Rogers, describes it as fun. She also reports that you have to take your shoes off and you are not allowed to dive in.

It appears that you can also help make the world's largest ice cream sundae. And after you have done all of that you can, of course, visit the gift shop.

I would love to see the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester look into doing something similar, say, a pop-up museum in Manhattan for a limited amount of time. I would go…if I could get a ticket.

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