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  1. Thank you Richard for posting Joan’s adorable and funny quote. She was an amazing and beautiful Lady that touched so many hearts and made so many smile, as I did upon reading it.
    I was one of five children, that all bathed together, so that my beautiful mother could get the bath time ritual done that much faster, before any of the pots boiled over or the dinner burnt.
    We never had store bought bath toys as such.
    When Tupperware first arrived in NZ the plastic coloured cups that all fitted together were super cool.
    The best bath toy ever though, was when my lovely Mum took the time and taught us how to make mushrooms out of our flannels. I am a New Zealander so a washcloth in NZ is a flannel 🙂
    We were super creative out of pure need to be. I taught my two beautiful children that if theres no bath toys, use your flannel, so they too know how to make bath mushrooms and squashing them is the best part!
    My children are now 21 and 23 and the flannel mushrooms have come up in conversation and they both say how cool they were to make.
    I feel why not get kids thinking more creatively and say ” Hey kids lets go on a bath toy hunt, walk round the house and pick out anything that could be bath toys for that night’ With in reason, nothing electrical – Joan!
    what a fun game and it keeps everything clean.
    For me, bath toys have been replaced with Netflix playing my favourite show and candles and the plastic cups are now a wine or champagne glass………
    Life is so great! 🙂

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