Top 10 Celebrity Mice


I find celebrity animals (those who appear in cartoons and fiction) to be funny and fun. We all have strong memories of our favorites and perhaps that is why my earlier article, "Top 10 Famous Bears," continues to be a highly read.

So, this time, I want to take a look at celebrity mice.  Here are my Top 10 (not in any particular order):

1.    Mickey Mouse


I have nothing to add about Mickey Mouse that you don't already know.

2.    Minnie Mouse


Not listing Minnie Mouse (the only female to make the list) would be like listing Fred Astaire and not Ginger Rogers.

3.   Itchy


I had to include Itchy from the Simpson's show within a show, "Itch and Scratchy." Yes, it intenionally gory but is also a clever send up of cartoon violence.

4.    Danger Mouse

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With his eyepatch and hamster sidekick, Penfold, Danger Mouse fought crime for Britain and the Queen. He was popular in the 80's and he's back with a new show.

5.  Fievel Mousekewitz 

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Fievel Mousekewitz, from "American Tail," was the lead in a great tale (couldn't resist) of the American immigrant experience. 

6.    Mighty Mouse


With his operatic voice and powerful punch, he probably did more damage to more cats than any other mouse in history. 

7.   Stuart Little

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A memorable book, a great wardrobe and a movie assured his place on the list.

8.   Speedy Gonzalez

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Speedy was smart (at least smarter than Daffy Duck) and fast…really, really fast. And yes, Donald Trump, he was a Mexican mouse.

9.   The mouse in the "Lion and the Mouse"

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This was a great story about a Lion showing compassion and its ultimate reward. As you will recall, the Lion decided not to eat the mouse who later rescued him from a hunter's net by chewing through it. I once helped a duck cross the road in heavy traffic and am still hoping that if I am ever in trouble the duck will come to my rescue.

10.   Jerry






Jerry and his sidekick, the diapered Tuffy, were major frenemies with Tom, a grey cat with a white belly.Check out the logo, it looks like Tom is either smiling or opening his mouth to eat Jerry and his sidekick Tuffy. Tom is one schizophrenic cat.

In my next posting: The mice who didn't make the list.



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