What and Where Toy Industry Founders Ate in 1916

6a0133ec87bd6d970b01b7c7ce2dec970b-800wiThe founders of the Toy Industry Association met at the McAlpin Hotel for their first meeting. They probably ate in the Grill Room.

Grill room

Here is a 1917 menu (click on it to make it larger) from that hotel so we can figure that this may be similar to the menu from which they chose their meal. If they were like modern toy industry people I bet they drank a lot of those McAlpin cocktails. Prices certainly have gone up since that time. Most of the items on the menu were for under a dollar. (I checked an inflation calculator and $1 in 1916 is worth $21.95 today).

ResolverThank you Matt Gottlieb for your research in finding this menu.

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