Why Don’t More People Attend PlayCon?

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Why don't more people attend PlayCon? That question came up from the podium at the end of this years event and others talked about it as they headed home. In fact, its a topic of conversation at the end of just about every PlayCon I have attended.

The annual event  features excellent networking, some good speakers and great locations. It has all of the right ingredients but yet the attendance tends to disappoint. Then again, maybe it doesn't. Maybe the very elements that make it attractive to some, a resort in an exotic place (this year in Miami and previous years in Phoenix) make it unaffordable for those who make up the bulk of the toy industry.

Registration for this year's event was $1195 per person.  Two nights at the resort was $843. Add the cost of air fare and the opportunity cost from time out of the office and you have an event that may be simply too expensive for many members of the industry.  

One idea would be to experiment with holding PlayCon in an affordable, inexpensive to reach major city at a reasonably priced  hotel and with a less ambitious registration cost. It is extremely important for the industry and its constituents that more people have an opportunity to come together, get to know each other, share ideas and make new relationships.

How do we get more people to attend? What are your thoughts?

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  1. For me, I never heard of it before now.
    But I will be coming next year with my Huusmann Media company, as I actually see it as a bargin/growth hack for an up-and-comer to invest in.
    Look forward to PlayCon 2017 🙂
    Regarding the question Richard:
    It all comes down to the team, that is building (planning/executing) the strategi on online/offline, before-during-after the event, secure targeted awareness, set up relevant entry level. One thing most miss out on is that you need to create enough buzz in the city you team up with to promote it.
    Just look at the GDC, they have several concepts connected in packages, but even they miss to connect it strongly with San Francisco.
    In my Advertising Agency Level Up – Pictures, we are creating these in Denmark with our Level Up – Events.
    So far we are only doing them in to get the leading position/target talents and share the spirit of share and grow, in the cities we are located.
    Growing Play as a core for children from kid to grown up, is a lifelong passion of mine, so if you need knowhow, I would be interested to discuss this topic further.
    Have a great day,
    Founder of Huusmann Media

  2. I look longingly at PlayCon every year, but the number one reason I can’t go is always cost. As a small company we just can’t justify it, even though I know it would be great to attend. Seems like it’s made for the ‘big boys’ and not for us up-and-comers.

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