Cracker Jack Will No Longer Include Toys; Noooooooooooo!

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"Sailor Jack" was added in 1918

Cracker Jack have been around for 125 years and for 125 years they have been putting toys (ok, kind of crappy toys…but still toys) in bags of their popcorn / peanut mixture. I never liked Cracker Jacks…thought they tasted a little burned. But I did like those toys.

That was why I was so surprised to read today that the company is ending that tradition. Instead, they are going to include (you need to be sitting down for this) a digital code that will allow the muncher to play mobile games.


New Cracker Jack Logo

Think about it for a moment: 125 years ago means that kids were playing with Cracker Jack toys during the Spanish American War, the Roaring 20's, the Great Depression, World War II, the Kennedy Assassination, the Viet Nam War and the digital revolution. That represents a nostalgic link between 5 generations of children.

Well, no more. Don't get me wrong, I do understand why Cracker Jack is doing this; its probably cheaper and more relevant to today's kids. Still, there is something about digging your dirty little kid hand into that box and pulling out a toy you can fit in your pocket that was so perfect. It was just the right size toy and it was all yours.

Well, goodbye to all that. Its a little sad.

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  1. As a 64-in-15-days-year-old, I appreciate your post.
    But, your description of the excitement found in “digging your dirty little kid hand into that box and pulling out a toy you can fit in your pocket”, while very accurate and smile-inducing, isn’t going to change except for the difference that that dirty little kid hand will be digging into the box for a code that he can input into the little toy he’s already carrying in his pocket.
    Same shit. Different day.

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