CVS Turns Its Back on Impulse Sales? What Are They thinking?


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CVS has announced a new initiative called CVS Express. A customer will now be able to purchase a non-prescription product using an app, and then pull up to the store within an hour and have a clerk walk it out to their car. Some drug chains have provided drive-throughs for prescriptions but no company has ever provided this kind of service for non-prescription products. 

Here is the problem as I see it: CVS Express will allow a consumer to avoid all of those impulse purchases upon which all of us in the consumer produces industry depend. Does this sound like a good idea to  you?


One of the benefits of being in the brick and mortar business is the impulse sale. Those who shop online typically know what they want and purchase just that product. Those who enter a retail store are inundated with products in bright packages and displays calling out to be purchased.

Though I can understand CVS's desire to compete with the Internet, it does not make sense to me to give away such a vital advantage in doing so. Bottom line, how do we sell toys and gifts in a CVS if no one goes in the store? What do you think?

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