DC and Marvel; Zimbio Offers a Timeline for Super Hero Movies

HeaderfDC vs MarvelZimbio, the highly engaging entertainment magazine has created a time line of the movies premiering from rivals DC Entertainment and Marvel Comics.  Its a great service to anyone who works in the world of movie licensing as it provides some guidance in what kind of competition each film will face.  

The Wonder Woman movie which releases on June 23, 2017 , for example, will be sandwiched between the premieres of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (May 5, 2017) and Thor Ragnorok (July 28, 2017).  That means there will be a block buster movie each month for three months.  

Will Wonder Woman, with a female protagonist  have the chops to overcome testosterone fueled Thor and a second bow from the highly successful Guardians of the Galaxy?  Is the Thor franchise getting tired?  Will Wonder Woman bring female fans to the typically male generated super hero genre?  Was Guardians a one hit wonder or a franchise?  Potential licensees will be considering all of those things.

A bigger question that is going to be answered is can the global consumer handle 21 action hero movies over a 4 year period? Is the world ready for a second Green Lantern movie even if its in 2020?  Is there an appetite for 3 Avengers movies in a relatively short time?  And most importantly for those children's product companies who make bets on these licenses; will children have enough space in their brains to absorb and embrace all of these characters?  A lot to think about.

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