“No Man’s Sky”; The Video Game with 18 Quintillion Planets


No mans sky
Coming June 21, to a video game store near you, is the most ambitious (by several magnitudes) video game ever created.  Produced by Hello Games, It's called "No Man's Sky" and its as big as the universe – in other words its infinite.

Here is how cool it is:  Every planet in the game, all 18 quintillion of them, are generated by the game and each comes with its own unique ecology.  Because the game automatically creates each world, the developers have no idea what is out there.  In other words, when you play you are pretty close to being Captain Kirk and "going where no man has gone before."

Players, including my son Andrew who has been keeping me updated on "No Man's Sky", have been waiting for this game for years.  I for one want to play it and I suspect a lot of other people will as well.  Its a major breakthrough in game play and we can only imagine what's next.

Watch this video to see how it works.


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