Wal-Mart Closing Stores; It’s Not a Surprise

Headerf Istanbul-closing-times-1Wal-Mart  announced today that it is closing 269 stores, 154 of them in the United States.  I don't think that any of us should be surprised by this.  

I wrote the following in April of 2013"  “'When will the tipping point for big box retailing occur?”  That moment when the internet has syphoned off just enough consumers so that it is no longer possible to maintain 200,000 square foot stores and the multiplicity of distribution centers that support them." 

I wrote that in an article entitled "The Coming Retail Sea Change."  What I find particuarly interesting about that article now is that in it I quoted author, Michael Hiatt, writing for Retailing Today (“The Ultimate Age of Retail”) that we would begin seeing big box retailer store closings in 2016.  Now, that turned out to be one solid prediction.

So, expect more store closings this year as well as possibly fewer checkouts as bricks and mortar retail adapts to a rapidly changing landscape.

2 thoughts

  1. Over 65% of the US store closings are the small-format “Walmart Express” stores. 11,000 square foot stores.
    In addition, Walmart is opening 50-60 supercenters this fiscal year.
    Conservative estimates would put that at an additional 6million square feet of retail for Walmart in the US alone.

  2. Stop with this ” MORE” crap with a couple of more words. Just have the whole article in one concise page. So bogus!

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