A Toy Company Goes Nuclear; The Ultimate in Diversification

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I have just arrived in Hong Kong and feel compelled to share an article with you about a toy company, Guangdong Qunxing Toys Joint-stock Co. Ltd., acquiring Sanzhou, a maker of nuclear power plant equipment.  That's according to EJInsight writer Raymond Tsoi in his article: "Can you trust a nuclear power equipment maker run by a toy firm?" Talk about diversification; this is like Hasbro buying Lockheed-Martin or Mattel purchasing Boeing.  

Atomic-energy-toy-300x248A.C. Gilbert Atomic Energy Kit

In 1950, the AC Gilbert Company introduced its toy "U-238 Atomic Energy Laboratory."  It came with a geiger counter and allowed you to detect radioactivity in the various materials that were included.  Still, it was just a toy…this is the real thing.

Let's just hope that Guangdon Qunxing applies good quality control measures in their new acquisition.

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