Top 10 Global Toy News Articles of 2015



Here is a list of your favorite articles from 2015 based upon the number of you who read each one.  If you missed them the first time; here is a chance to see what you missed.  If you read them before, here is a chance to take another look.

1.   Just Like the Shopkins; Getting Your Products Flying Off Shelves Through Powerful Marketing Messages 

2.   Hasbro Sells US and Irish Factories; here's why                               

3    How a Halloween Costume Slipped on the Banana Peel of Bad Taste 

4.   FAO Schwarz is Closing; the end of an era 

5.   The End of the Brian Stockton Era; The Four Macro Events He and Mattel Could Not Overcome 

6.   China Devalues Its Currency; what it means for the toy industry 

7.   The Toy Industry Brand Is Under Attack; what can be done and who will do it? 

8.   David Brandon Takes Over at Toys R Us; what it means for the toy industry 

9.   Goldman Sachs Studies the Millennial Generation; an important report 

10. Hello Barbie; a major breakthrough in play 


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