Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair 2016; Just a Trip Across the Harbor

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In January, the toy industry will make its annual migration to Hong Kong. Many, if not most Americans, head to the hotels and showrooms of Kowloon, just across the harbor from that great city.

While there, however, it is always a good idea to take the ferry or subway to the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair taking place at the beautiful Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. There they will find over 2500 toy and baby products exhibitors from around the world. They will also find seminars and opportunities to make connections they cannot make anywhere else. Click here to register for free.

Why does the toy industry travel to Hong Kong and Kowloon every year? Here is how I put it in 2015 its still true today.

Hong Kong is the global nexus point for toy manufacturing.  Travel from Hong Kong across the Chinese border and you will find yourself in the Pearl River Deltahome to 86% of the world’s toy manufacturing.  Yes, major western toy and media companies come up with the intellectual property, the product development, marketing and more but it is this network of capital, roads and factories that turns dreams into three-dimensional reality.

I look forward to seeing many of you in Hong Kong where we can share the results of last year and our hopes for the next. And while your there sitting at the top of one of the Kowloon hotel bars and looking across the harbor at the convention center, take a moment to toast your good fortune and make a note to actually visit that the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair. You can register for free by clicking here.

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