Chariots of Fire; A Problem with Hoverboards

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The toy industry has garnered some of the weirdest press coverage this year.  We have had international political controversies (Lego); accusations about racism (Playmobil) and even hacking (VTech).  Now, we have hoverboards catching on fire.

A hover board is basically a Segway without handles.  You maneuver, speed up and slow down through agility and balance.   I have seen them on the sidewalks of New York and they look like a lot of fun.  

Unfortunately the Consumer Products Safety Commission has received 10 complaints of fires and, though there has been no recall, they are investigating.  As a result, a number of airlines including American, Delta and United airlines have banned them from being brought on board and has removed them from sale.

Why the fires?  The suspect is the lithium ion batteries.  

What a shame that this great new play pattern is struggling over the technology.   The problem would appear to be fixable.  Let's hope it is and that its not too late.

One thought

  1. THe problem is with the battery. IF there is a non branded cheap battery from China in the scooter, there is no SHUT OFF so when you are charging it, it continues to charge. I loved this scooter when I saw it at Javitz in Feb. and did buy one but have not charged it yet. Have been told by my electronic engineer (Toy Expert in RI) to check the brand of the battery inside BEFORE I plug it in. Apparently a name brand battery is safe! But if there is no name brand, When the battery gets full, there is no shut off so it keeps filling and catches on fire. I don’t know yet if I can change out the battery but will investigate that solution too. Luckily, I bought it on WOOT and they have offered a full refund to return it, but I sure do want to try it before it goes back! Part of the plight of being a toy inventor! What you see you want to play with too!

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