Mattel Puts a Boy in a Barbie Ad; Big Shift in Strategy



You really have to hand it to Mattel.  They are willing to do the new and different. That was what I thought when I saw a boy in the new ad for Moschino Barbie.  The boy, who is blonde, has a mohawk and has lines (“Moschino Barbie is so fierce!”) is a prominent actor in the ad. The gender lines in the toy department are, if not completely coming down, certainly blurring.  Here is a link to the video (and remember to look for the wink at the end):  


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  1. Richard,
    Should we assume that “thinking outside of the box” or doing something “new and different” is synonymous with smart marketing? I couldn’t agree less with your assessment, and I suspect the notoriety Mattel seeks with this tactic will not reach a universally receptive audience.
    The challenge of advertising is difficult enough in this splintered multi-media environment, and it weighs heavily on choice and use of media — not so much on message. This twist only diffuses and takes away from the product message.
    It won’t take long to see whether or not you are correct.

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