Top 10 List of TV Cartoon Villains (1-5)



Any Top 10 list is an arbitrary exercise, particularly when you rank them in order of evil.  So, after you review  my Top 10 list of TV Cartoon Villains, let us know who I should have included or left out; who needs to be moved up and who needs to be moved down.

1.    SkeletorHe Man

Well, between the skull face and the name that simply drips evil there is no question, at least to me, that  Skeletor is our number 1 villain.

2.    Various Old White Men – Scooby Doo


Has Scooby Doo ever featured a female or young villain?  I guess its possible (if you are a Scooby Doo scholar please write in and let us know).  It seems that, once disclosed, the villains are always bitter, psychotic old men.

3.    Stewie –  Family Guy


If relentlessly planning to kill your mother and / or taking over the world make you a villain then Stewie certainly is.

4.    Gargamel - Smurfs


Perhaps its the way his grasping, claw-like hands.  Gargamel definitely has that villain look down pat.

5.    Sideshow Bob – The Simpsons


He is a psychotic, murderer who loves Gilbert and Sullivan musicals.  How much more evil can you get? 



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