Swedish Wooden Toys Through the Years


Bard Car

Wooden Race Car – 1930's

I had the pleasure of visiting the Bard Graduate Center for a wonderful exhibit of Swedish wooden toys. It is described by the website as "…the first in-depth study of the history of wooden playthings in Sweden from the seventeenth to the twenty-first century.  

My only problem with the exhibition was that there was no book to purchase nor information to take with you.  Not only that, there are very few pictures and little description of items on line.  

Never-the-less It is certainly worth seeing so here are some images from the exhibit:

  Bard Cannon

Big Bertha Cannon – 1920's – Wood and Metal 

 Bard BridgeSuspension Bridge – Late 19th Early 20th Century


Bard Doll House


Four Story Doll House with Elevator – 1912

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