Toys Predict the Future; Supercar vs. TF-X Future Flying Car



In the 1960's there was a children's show called "Supercar" (see video below).  It featured a flying car and was not a cartoon but rather was something the creator, Gerry Anderson, called "supermarionation".  It involved using strange looking marionettes to act out the various adventures*.  

It was, well, for lack of a better word, a weird show with a very strange looking hero with eyebrows that look like caterpillars.  It also seems to have predicted an actual flying car that is now being heralded on the social networks called the TF-X Flying Car (see video below)

Take a look at both videos and see if you agree that there is a startling similarly.  Also see if you can get the Supercar song out of your head – it's impossible.  You will find yourself in the grocery store line and you will find yourself suddenly singing out:  "SUPERCARRRRRR, SUPERCARRRRR." 




*In 2004, the creators of South Park did a movie called "Team America: World Police" which was a sendup of the technology if not the show.

Thank you (maybe) Matt Gottlieb for apprising me of Supercar.  SUPERCARRRRR.

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