Euromonitor, BMO Capital and NPD Agree; 2015 Is Looking Good for Toys

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"Toys-to-life are poised to become the biggest story of 2015 ."

Mykola Golovko, Senior Toys & Games analyst at Euromonitor

2015 is shaping up to be the toy industry's best year in decades.  Star Wars has launched its line with great fanfare; Lego is joining Activision, Disney and Nintendo in the "Toys-to-life" category and NPD announced last week that the toy industry grew 6.5% for the first half of 2015 and projects an annualized growth of 6.2%.  For an industry that typically grows or falls by 1% or 2%, 6.2% is a pretty eye-opening number. 

I wanted to find out if others agreed so I contacted Mykola Golovko, Senior Toys & Games analyst at Euromonitor.  Euromonitor, founded in 1972, does consumer research on toy and video game sales.  Here is what Mykola had to say:

We project traditional toys and games excluding toys-to-life to grow by 4.2% in 2015; growth of traditional toys and games including toys-to-life is expected to reach 5.4% for the year.  Toys-to-life are poised to become the biggest story of 2015 in the US. With the release of LEGO Dimensions just around the corner the category will see strong sales gains over the holiday season. 

I made one more phone call and that was to Gerrick Johnson, Senior Toys & Games analyst at BMO Capital.  I like to talk to Gerrick because he guides investors in making toy industry investment choices so he has to be ever vigilant in following its developments.    What does Gerrick project; 5%?

So, we have a range of Euromonitor at 4.2%, BMO at 5% and NPD at 6.2%.  No matter whose making the call, those are great numbers.  Its a great time to be in the toy industry.  Let's keep it rolling.



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