New Barbie Movie Has a “Sex and the City” Author; Will Things Heat Up?

Sex and the city
I recently wrote a posting, "'Barbie Girl" to "Barbie Mom", How Mattel Can Bridge the Gap," in which I proposed that Mattel could enhance its engagement with "Barbie Moms" by developing her backstory.  In other words, how did Barbie become Barbie?  Was she born perfect or did she have to work hard to become who she is?  And what happens to Barbie after her moment of perfection?  Does she fall flat on her face and get back up, does she have children who challenge her and whom she in turn challenges?

These questions may just be answered in a new Barbie movie from Sony Pictures which is planned to premiere June 2, 2017.  We don't yet know the story line but the announcement of the movie's authors is highly compelling. They are Jenny Bicks, a writer on Sex and the City, and Diablo Cody,who wrote Jennifer's Body, Bad Adult and Juno.  It makes you wonder if a little bit of Carrie Bradshaw or even Samantha Jones may be injected into her character.  

I say good for Mattel and good for Sony for picking authors whose writing embodies a more contemporary and challenging feel for what it is to be a single woman in the 21st century.  Now, if they would only get Amy Schumer involved.

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