Dr. Seuss’s New Book Is Out; But What About the Older Ones?

Harper Lee was not alone in having a book unearthed recently.  Her  novel, Go Set a Watchman, is the story of the fictional young girl named Scout and her father ,Atticus Finch ,20 years after what takes place in her masterpiece, To Kill a Mockingbird.   

The other author to have a book unearthed recently, Dr. Seuss, should have our gratitude for never having thrown away this story, What Pet Should I Get.  Unlike the elderly Harper Lee's creation, Dr. Seuss's does not seem to have caused any great anxitey among the critics and the "watchmen" of our culture.

It is purported to be a delightful book but in pondering its rediscovery, I found myself feeling nostalgic for the pre Cat in the Hat books.  First published in 1957, that book and Horton Hears a Hoo seemed to somehow overshadow so many earlier works by the good doctor.  For example, how about:

On Beyond Zebra was published in 1955 and was a fun exercise in creating not just new letters of the alphabet but the animals that they spelled.  

On beyond zebra

Another old gem is And to Think That I Saw On Mulberry Street.  Published in 1937, it is a wonderful story about a little boy named Marco who imagines many wonderful things on his way home.



Finally, let's not forget the wonderful Mr. McElligot's Pool.  In this book, written in 1947, we find the same little boy ,Marco, imagining what creatures lurk in his neighbor's pond.

Here is a wonderful picture showing a great unfurling of Dr. Seuss's full imagination.

Plethoraoffish1What are your favorite Dr. Seuss books?


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