Makey Makey Go; A Breakthrough in Play

Makey Makey
We just may be living through a Golden Age of Play.  That was the thought that went through my mind as I explored the world of the invention kit, "Makey Makey Go."  The rise of phygital play (physical + digital) has been up to this time about using manufactured plastic creations to interact with digital gaming and play.  Now, thanks to  "Makey Makey Go" from Joylabz you can use any object in your house ( a bunch of bananas, a set of stairs or even your cat) as a way to interact with your computer in order to do anything from taking pictures to making music to playing games.


Makey Makey Go was created by two guys studying at the MIT Media Lab, Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum.   There initial funding was through Kick Starter and now they are actually producing the product.  It looks like a key chain but is really a USB input device.

Its kind of a mashup of the Maker Movement, Do It Yourself and your computer.  The best way to appreciate "Makey Makey Go" is to see it in action.  Check out this video:





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  1. I believe that it is actually a USB input device, – not a thumb drive as stated. The world is rife with thumb drives – we need more things like this!

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