Amazon Passes Wal-Mart in Market Value


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Amazon may not yet generate more revenue than Wal-Mart but when it comes to market value, it is now the leader.  Amazon's stock price just passed $550 per share for a total market value of $250 billion; outpacing Wal-Mart at $239 billion.

What does that tell us?  That Wall Street sees a much brighter future in ecommerce than it does in bricks and mortar retailing and is betting that way.

It doesn't mean that Wal-Mart is in decline, after all Wal-Mart would be the world's 28th biggest nation if its revenue was converted to GDP.  Still with Amazon growing at a rapid pace and new players like (think of it as Costco meets Amazon) already making huge waves, it looks like the retail world may just be turning upside down.


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