7 Foot Toy Rocket Firing, Nuclear Sub; And You Thought Toy Guns Were Bad

Talk about not wanting your kids to play with guns.  How about not wanting them to play with a toy rocket firing nuclear submarine?  Times were different then and you can see from the Mom's ok sign that she fully approves of her son launching a rocket with a nuclear warhead.

Only in mid-20th century comic books could you find a seven foot submarine.  This thing was amazing.  It was made from fibre board; had a working periscope; an electrically lit instrument panel and rockets that fired.  It was $6.98 and that comes to over $50 in today's money when adjusted for inflation.  Not a bad value—if its all true.

As the ad says:  "How proud you will be…"

One thought

  1. I would love to have that now for my kids! That’s why I build cool cardboard toys for them. Tanks, cars, planes. PC be damned! They’re having fun and using their imagination…just like we did when we were kids. Heck, I even had a toy sniper rifle that came in a briefcase. Pure joy. And I grew up to be a “normal” human being. Didn’t wear a bike helmet, either. Go figure.

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