Archie Comics Reinvents Itself Again


If you read my blog postings regularly you will have picked up that I am a big fan of Archie, Veronica, Betty, Riverdale…the whole thing.  I have liked it for its dependable nostalgia as well as its kind of sweet desire to stay relevant. What I have really liked and respect greatly is the efforts that CEO Jonathan Goldwater has made to make Archie Comics edgy (he killed off his main character); dark (Zombie Jughead) and fun (President Obama and Sarah Palin sharing a malt).  That, however, was small stuff compared to his latest move.


Archie Comics has just issued a new Issue #1 and what we have is a complete departure from the classic Archie.  Here is how Evan Narcisse puts it in his outstanding Kotaku article: "I Can't Believe This Is An Archie Comic:" "No more love triangle. No more cartoony art style with the giant eyes. No more sharing milkshakes."

1331852785044204583Narcisse goes on to note that this iteration of Archie feels real in its manifestation of real emotions like depression and loneliness.  The images from the new issue say more than I can in words. Just check out Jughead:


And it just wouldn't feel right without paying homage to the original Archie #1:


But who was Judge Owl and Bumbie the Bee-Tective?  

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